Ideal Osteopathy - Introducing
Dr Jeff Stiffle
B.App.Sc(Osteo), M.Osteo
Jeff has worked as an Osteopath since his graduation from the University of Western Sydney with a Master of Osteopathy in 2007. Before commencing his Osteopathic Studies, Jeff actually gained his Mechanics Trade which has given him a well-rounded approach to life and business.
In his time as an Osteopath Jeff has worked in a number of different clinics throughout Sydney, treating a large variety of conditions and developing a sound patient base. 
Jeff has completed further study in Dry Needling. Whilst dry needling may have gained him the nickname "Dr Pain", the success many patients have experienced with this technique has kept them coming back for more.  
Ideal Osteopathy is the culmination of Jeff's hard work and dedication since his graduation.
Jeff believes that good health doesn't come easy. Health has many facets and each one needs to be given just as much time as the next. A well functioning musculoskeletal system is good but holistic health comes by acknowledging the whole picture of what makes us function on a daily basis. Jeff aims to help patients understand how their lives may be denying them their ability to achieve IDEAL health.    
Jeff is fully registered with the Osteopathy Board of Australia and the Australian Osteopathic Association (AOA).